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Keyboard Shortcuts


Toggle Editor Hints F1
Cancel Operation Esc

Graph View

Pan View Middle Mouse Drag or Click Minimap
Zoom View Mouse Scroll Wheel or + and - 
Focus Selected State F
Select Start State Home
Select All States Ctrl A
Copy Selected States Ctrl C
Cut Selected States Ctrl X
Paste Copied States Ctrl V
Add State Ctrl Click Canvas
Add FINISHED Event Ctrl Click State
Add Transition State Ctrl Drag Transition
Quick Delete State/Transition Ctrl Shift Click State/Transition
Snap To Grid Ctrl Drag State
Constrain Drag to Horizontal/Vertical Shift Drag State
Follow Transition  Alt Click Transition Event
Move Transition Up/Down Ctrl Up/Down
Lock Transition Link Direction Ctrl Left/Right Cursor Keys
Unlock Transition Link Direction Ctrl Alt Down Cursor Key
Cycle Transition Link Style Ctrl Alt Up Cursor Key
Rename State (after selecting it) Tab
Delete Selected State Delete

State Inspector

Open Action Browser ~ or Ctrl ~ or Double Click empty space
Select All Actions Ctrl A
Copy Selected Actions Ctrl C
Cut Selected Actions Ctrl X
Paste Copied Actions Ctrl V
Edit Action Name Double Click Action title
Expand/Collapse All Actions Ctrl Click Action Foldout
Enable/Disable All Actions Ctrl Click Action Checkbox
Move Actions Drag and Drop actions to re-order them
Delete Selected Actions Delete

Action Browser

Select Previous Action Up cursor key
Select Next Action Down cursor key
Add Action to Selected State Enter
Close Window Esc

Events Manager

Deselect Event Esc
Find Usages Ctrl Click or Right Click Event

Variables Manager

Deselect Variable Esc
Find Usages Ctrl Click or Right Click Variable


NOTE: In  Playmaker 1.8.1 Ctrl Up/Down will move the selected transition up/down in the graph view.

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