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Release Notes

NOTE: Always BACKUP projects before updating PlayMaker or Unity!

If you run into problems during Installation, please see Troubleshooting.


Version 1.9.0 Patch 6


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issues selecting FSMs in the Fsm Browser and Error Checker.
  • Fixed "owner == null!" log spam with global variables window open.
  • Fixed copied events not showing in Events tab when copy/pasting States.
  • Fixed Set Fsm Variable action bug when updating values.
  • Fixed errors with null Object action parameters e.g. Play Random Sound
  • Fixed assert in PostProcessScene in 2018.3 when building.


Version 1.9.0 Patch 5


  • Support new Nested Prefab workflow in Unity 2018.3.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Obsolete warnings in Unity 2018.3
  • Fixed Template saving in Unity 2018.3
  • Fixed UI Image Set Sprite error when Sprite was null (none).
  • Fixed Float Interpolate and Vector2 Interpolate Finish Event when using EaseInOut.
  • Fixed FSM screenshots on Retina/Hidpi screens.
  • Fixed rare Random Int error that could lead to a crash. 
  • Fixed new global event not being marked global properly.
  • Fixed AutoUpdater sometimes spamming update messages.


Version 1.9.0 Patch 4

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Windows Store Apps building with .net scripting backend.


Version 1.9.0 Patch 3

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed variable categories sometimes getting swapped when renaming variables.
  • Fixed bug when filtering selection for Array Variables (GameObject, Material, and Texture).
  • Fixed Hide Obsolete Actions setting editor bugs if obsolete actions were used. (#1761)
  • Fixed manual renaming of action titles.
  • Fixed Auto Updater repeated requests to update.
  • Bug fixes for Get/Set Fsm Array actions. 


Version 1.9.0 Patch 2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed possible null ref errors in event handler components in upgraded projects.


Version 1.9.0 Patch 1

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed display of arrays in editor (#1755)
  • Fixed LoadScene action editor.
  • Fixed AutoUpdater false positive after updating old projects.
  • Fixed error when enabling Legacy Networking.
  • Fixed error when Auto-Naming Set Property action.


  • Updated Student Version action list to include new UI actions.
  • Moved Tween enums to new namespace to avoid conflicts (e.g., LoopType in DoTween actions).

Version 1.9.0


  • Integrated UI Actions and Events (previously available us uGUI Addon).
  • Various optimizations to reduce GC, load times and increase runtime performance.
  • Added Convert sub-menu in variable selection so you can select compatible variables.

  • Added Category Icons in Action Browser and Action Titlebar.
  • Show total usage count on each Action Category button.
  • Show progress bar on running actions.
  • Synchronize debug time when switching between FSM Logs and Timeline Log.
  • Allow Components in Call Method action (E.g., CanvasRenderer)
  • Right-click Minimap button to open state selection menu

  • Fixed build setup for Nintendo Switch.
  • New Action Attributes:
    • DisplayOrder - control display order of a field
    • HideIfAttribute - conditionally hide an action field
    • SettingsMenuItemAttribute - add a method to the action's setting menu
    • PreviewFieldAttribute - specify a custom method to draw a preview under a field
    • HideInInspector - editor now respects this Unity attribute allowing you to hide public fields
  • Added right-click context menu to variable selection button:
    • Edit Variable: Selects the variable in the Variables tab or Global Variables Window.
    • Used By: See where this variable is used. Click to jump there.

  • Allow open/closing actions without triggering the "editing while playing" warning.
  • Default to single line editors for Vector2, Vector3 etc. Exposed as a Preference.
  • Experimental preference to auto-summarize collapsed actions. 
  • Consistent Unity editor styles for fixed headers and footers.
  • Improved FSM and Template inspectors (better prefab and undo/redo handling).
  • Improved Add-ons page in Welcome Window.


  • Removed iTween from the default install. The iTween actions can be imported in Welcome Window > Add-ons, BUT the user must now import iTween themselves.
  • Some systems moved to Legacy section in Welcome Window > Add-ons

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Unity 2018.2 beta errors (old networking lib was removed).
  • Fixed "Owner needs a Collider..." error check on Mouse events with Collider2D.
  • Fixed scene always marked dirty if variable selected in the Variables Manager (#1738)
  • Fixed potential duplicate variables when copying actions to another FSM (#1740)
  • Fixed selection when de-maximizing editor or focusing tabbed editor.
  • Fixed double-click editing of category names in variables tab.
  • Fixed bug where ArrayEditor was resetting the Object arrays (#1746)
  • Fixed undo/redo in Template Browser.
  • Fixed errors if missing Watermarks folder/textures.


Version 1.8.9

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug in 1.8.7/8 when updating FSMs made with very old versions of Playmaker.


Version 1.8.8

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed editor lag with looped states (bug in 1.8.7).
  • Fixed all events being marked global by Error Checker.
  • Sent By context menu in Event Manager now includes events sent by the selected FSM.
  • Fixed Sent By items with same path (e.g., GameObject : FSM : State 1) collapsing into a single menu item. 
  • Fixed Clipboard/Missing Owner templates showing up in searches (e.g., event menus).
  • Fixed rendering glitch in Circuit Links if the link was perfectly horizontal.
  • Fixed toggling of global events in Event Browser.


  • Added preference to Ping editor windows if they're already open:
    • Preferences > General > Ping Open Editor Windows
  • Clickable error box if event needs to be global. Click to make the event global.


Version 1.8.7

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed 2D Physics events in Run FSM action.
  • Fixed hierarchy changes unselecting sub FSMs (e.g. Run FSM), making them hard to debug (#1718)
  • Don't auto-close Action Browser if it's docked (#1575)
  • Fixed Graph View not resetting when PlayMakerFSM was Reset in menu (#1554)
  • Don't add second PlayMakerGUI if it's disabled in the scene.
  • Fixed layout of some action parameters with new re-sizable Inspector.
  • Actions copied in State Inspector and pasted in Graph View were pasted off screen.
  • Disabled rich text editing in State Description since there was no way to edit the tags. 


  • Hold shift to duplicate dragged actions instead of moving them.
  • Added activation fx for actions similar to the graph activation fx.
  • Added Direct transition link style: 

  • UI Animations (turn off in Preferences > General > UI Animation FX):
    • Open/close animations for action foldouts.
    • Smooth auto-scrolling to the selected action.
    • Smooth removal of deleted action.
  • Keyboard navigation in the Graph View.
    • Cursor keys to select closest state
    • Return/enter to select transition. Escape to deselect.

  • Keyboard controls in State Inspector.
    • Works like Unity Hierarchy cursor controls (multi-select logic etc.)
    • Space/enter to open/close selected actions.
    • Move actions up/down with Ctrl+Up/Down keys (Cmd+Up/Down on OSX).

  • Added a help box to the Bug Report form in Unity 2017.1 since it's broken in that version due to a Unity bug.
  • Re-sizable variable inspector in Variables tab and Global Variables window.
  • Added Graph View preference to fade links not connected to selected states. 
  • Count events sent by actions in Event Manager used count column. Improved Context Menu shows Sent By... and Received By... submenus.
  • Don't add second FINISHED event with Ctrl/Cmd click state shortcut. Instead open Event Menu.

  • Remember last selected directory when saving Templates.
  • Show State Errors in Minimap (as little red dot)
  • Added StateChanged callback to Fsm class.


Version 1.8.6

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed dragging of Actions in Unity 2017.3
  • Fixed missing Custom Action Editors with .net 4.6 in Unity 2017+
  • Fixed ArrayContains to properly handle null/none values.


  • Added GameObject field to collision/trigger actions so you can detect collisions on other GameObjects.

  • Added Any Tag option to collision/trigger actions.
  • New Guided Tour window (Main Menu > PlayMaker > Help > Guided Tour)
  • Hold Shift in Graph View to scroll horizontally with Mouse Wheel.

  • New Assert Action (uses Conditional Expression core).
  • Added Preference to disable large GameObject and FSM title in Graph View.
  • Fixed Obsolete warnings in Unity 2017.3.
  • Organized all actions in folders.
  • Updated offline manual.



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