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Version 1.06


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Known Issues

  • If the Playmaker Editor is in a tab and you hide that tab while the game is playing, then stop the game and select the Playmaker tab, the FSM selection dropdown is empty. Workarounds: Keep Playmaker in its own tab. If FSM list is empty, close and re-open Playmaker.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Turned off logging in release build. Bad bug - it meant a running game would gradually use more and more memory until it crashed!
  • Fixed: Speed and Gravity didn't work in Controller Move. Removed those parameters since you're probably preparing a vector for Controller Move or using Controller Simple Move instead. Will eventually make higher level controllers with more parameters: FirstPersonController, ThirdPersonController...
  • Fixed: Float Operator action was private! Now public, so exposed in the Action Browser.
  • Fixed: Wait with time of 0 now finishes in OnEnter.
  • Fixed: Removed RequiredField from parent in Set Parent. You should be allowed to set parent to null, to unparent the object.
  • Fixed: Select Random String array started out in a bad state.
  • Fixed: NullReferenceException when editing an FSM description in the Inspector when Playmaker Editor not open.


  • Decreased FSM creation time - more than 200% faster.
  • Changed CharacterController action category to Character.
  • Added Apply Globally option to Set GUI Skin.
  • GUI actions with Apply Globally now finish. Ordinarily GUI actions do not finish, but these actions are often used in Init states where you'd expect them to finish.
  • Set Position, Set Rotation, and Set Scale now use OnEnter. It is the expected behaviour, but there may be edge cases where this doesn't work (rigid bodies?) so need to be on the lookout...
  • More examples! More screencasts coming soon... 

New Actions

  • Character
    • Controller Is Grounded
  • Vector3
    • Vector3 Add XYZ
  • GameObject

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