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PlayMaker 2.0

  • Graph View grouping.
  • New Graph View nodes (groups, colors, comments, controls...)
  • New Variable and Events list items (groups, colors, embedded images...)
  • Native Pooling.
  • Native Tweening.
  • Backward compatible with PlayMaker v1 projects.


We use a Trello board to track work on Add-ons:

Core Work

NOTE: This is a rough list and subject to change!
  • Rename and delete global variables.
  • Integrate uGUI Addon [DONE
  • Replace iTween actions with more performant Tween system [BETA].
  • Profile State/Action times in PlayMaker Editor.
  • Release build optimizations (e.g. remove unused actions).
  • Advanced Find Dialog - Quickly find states, actions, variables etc.
  • Project Overview. Visually track how FSMs talk to each other (e.g. send/receive events).
  • FSM Info Dialog. Clickable overview of all elements making up an FSM.
  • Auto-casting between FSM variable types [DONE].
  • Hierarchical FSM [Started in 1.5.0 with Run FSM action]
  • Graph View zoom and minimap [DONE]
  • Localized editor text [DONE - more languages coming soon]
  • Custom Action Editors so you can build your own action GUI. [DONE]
  • Categories for FSM variables exposed in the inspector [DONE]
  • Editor performance improvements with larger FSMs and projects [big improvements in 1.5.x]
  • Integrated search and download for custom actions [WIP - Ecosystem Browser]
  • Native Array support. [DONE]
  • Load time optimizations [DONE Unity 4.5+]
  • Integrate Mecanim, and Unity2D add-ons in main package [DONE].




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