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Graph View

The Graph View is a visual editor used to build and test state machines.

View Navigation

  • To look around the graph, middle mouse drag the canvas, or use the scroll bars.
  • Use the mouse wheel to zoom in/out.
  • Press F to quickly frame the selected State.


  • The Minimap shows an overview of the FSM.
  • The blue rectangle shows the current view.
  • Click/drag anywhere in the minimap to move the view.

Selecting States

  • Left click on a state's title bar to select it.
  • Drag a selection marquee around multiple states to select all of them.
  • Hold Shift to add to the selection, or Alt to subtract from the selection.
  • Click on the canvas to deselect all states.
  • Tip: Drag select right to left for crossing selection (like 3ds Max):

  • Alt Click a Transition to select the State it connects to:

  • Use the keyboard to quickly select states and follow transitions:

Moving States

  • Drag any selected state by its title bar to move all selected states around.
  • The canvas pans automatically when you drag near edges.
  • Hold Ctrl while dragging states to snap to grid:

  • Hold Shift while dragging to constrain horizontally/vertically:

Adding States

There are a few ways to add States:

  • Right click the canvas and select Add State
  • Copy/Paste another State.
  • Paste a Template as new States.
  • Drag an action from the Action Browser into the Graph View.
  • Ctrl Click the canvas to quickly make a new state.

Adding Transition Events

There are a few ways to add Transition Events to a State:

  • Right click a State and select Add Transition
  • Right click a State and select Add Global Transition
  • Ctrl Click a State to add a new Transition

Creating Transitions Between States

There are a few ways to create Transitions between States:

  • Drag a link from a Transition Event to another State.
  • Ctrl Drag a link from a Transition Event to create a new target State.

  • Drag a transition out and back to a state to loop to the same State.




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