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Editing Transitions

Context Menu

Right-click on a transition box to open the Transition Context Menu:

Sent By

Lists the actions that send the transition event. 

Transition Event

The event that triggers the transition.

Transition Target

The state to transition to when the transition event is received. In large FSMs it can be easier to select the target state here instead of dragging a link across the canvas.

Link Style

The style of link to use for this transition.

Use this to override the default link style set in Preferences > Graph View.

Link Direction

Normally the link direction is determined automatically. Use this to lock the link to the left or right side.

Link Color

Set the color to use for the link. Used colors defined in Preferences > Color.

Move Transition Up/Down

Move the selected transition up/down in the transition list. Can help to clean up the graph.

Clear Transition Event

Clears the event that triggers the transition.

Clear Transition Target

Clears the transition target state.

Delete Transition

Delete the selected transition.

Graph View Preferences

Shortcut to Preferences > Graph View.

NOTE: The same context menu appears when you right click on a global transition.


Drag and Drop

You can drag a link from the transition box to the target state. 

Releasing the link over empty canvas cancels the operation and the transition keeps its original target.



Ctrl click a State to quickly add a transition.

Ctrl drag a transition to create a new target state on release.



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