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API Reference

Main Components

PlayMakerFSM MonoBehaviour that runs an FSM.
PlayMakerGUI MonoBehaviour that batches all PlayMaker OnGUI calls into one call.
Uses the Singleton pattern so there's only one instance in the scene.
PlayMakerGlobals ScriptableObject that holds global variable data.
Saved as Assets/PlayMaker/Resources/PlayMakerGlobals.asset

ScriptableObject that defines a re-usable FSM.

Saved in Assets/PlayMaker/Templates/


FSM Classes


The main Finite State Machine (FSM) class.

FsmState A single state in the FSM. Owns FsmStateActions and FsmTransitions.
FsmStateAction Base class for all Actions run by an FsmState.
FsmEvent Events trigger transitions between States.
FsmTransition Defines a transition to an FsmState triggered by an FsmEvent
FsmVariables A collection of named variables.


Editor Classes

Action Attributes Control the appearance of action fields in the editor.
CustomActionEditor Extend this class to implement a custom action editor for any action.
ObjectPropertyDrawer Extend this class to implement custom controls for FsmObject variables.


Common Tasks

Writing Custom Actions

Accessing Scripts in a Custom Action

Accessing a PlayMakerFSM in Scripts

Tips for Writing and Converting Custom Actions



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