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This class defines a Finite State Machine (FSM).

FSMs break behaviours down into clearly defined states. Each state can run actions

Actions can use variables defined by the FSM or global variables defined for the project.

Transitions between states are triggered by events.


Type Property
GameObject GameObject
  GameObject that owns the FSM.
MonoBehaviour Owner [get, set]

MonoBehaviour that owns the FSM.

Can be cast to PlayMakerFSM.

bool Active [get]
  Is the FSM active?
bool Finished [get]
  Has the FSM finished running?
string Name [get, set]
  Descriptive name.
string StartState [get, set]
  Name of the start state that is entered when the FSM is enabled.
FsmState[] States [get, set]
  FsmStates defined by the FSM.
FsmEvent[] Events [get, set]
  FsmEvents used by the FSM.
FsmTransition[] GlobalTransitions [get, set]
  Global transitions defined by the FSM.
FsmVariables Variables [get, set]
  Variables used by the FSM.
FsmState ActiveState [get]

Current active state.

FsmState PreviousActiveState [get]
  State that was active before the current active state.

Unity Event Handling

Use these property flags to subscribe to Unity Events:

  • MouseEvents
  • HandleCollisionEnter
  • HandleCollisionStay
  • HandleCollisionExit
  • HandleTriggerEnter
  • HandleTriggerStay
  • HandleTriggerExit
  • HandleOnGUI
  • HandleFixedUpdate
  • HandleApplicationEvents

Setting a flag to true will add a runtime component that forwards the corresponding Unity events to the FSM.

For an example, look at PlayMaker/Actions/CollisionEvent.cs.



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