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This page contains links to sample scenes and fully working games, all made with PlayMaker, no scripting required.

NOTE: You can also find samples on the PlayMaker Ecosystem:


New Sample Scenes

Requires Unity 2018.4+ and PlayMaker 1.9.1+.


  1. Import the package into your PlayMaker project.
  2. Find the sample scenes in Assets\Samples\PlayMaker\


  • The sample scenes use the Builtin Renderer. Use the Unity Converter to upgrade shaders if your project uses a different render pipeline.
  • We didn't want to introduce a dependency on TextMeshPro for the samples, but we recommend using it over the default Unity UI Text.
  • We are in the process of adding more samples. Check back here as we add more!

First Person Controller Tutorial

Samples that go with the YouTube First Person Controller Tutorials.


Samples that show how to save information using PlayerPrefs.


Samples that show how to instantiate prefabs in the scene.

Third Person

Samples that show common techniques for third-person games.

Unity UI

Samples that show how to use the Unity UI System.


Sample Scenes

Older samples scenes that will eventually be removed as they are replaced with new samples.

IMPORTANT: Do not import these sample scenes into existing projects! This can overwrite assets in your project!

Start a New Project, install PlayMaker, then import the samples unitypackage.

Download PlayMaker Sample Scenes (requires Unity 5.3+ and Playmaker 1.8+)

NOTE: Some sample scenes require iTween:

Read breakdowns of the sample scenes here.


Network Sample with Exit Games Photon Classic

Download PlayMaker Photon Demo (requires Unity 5.3+, Playmaker 1.8+). Check out the Documentation to learn more about this demo and how it works.

NOTE: The Photon Demo requires Photon Networking Classic.


UnityLearn 2D Platformer Project

This is a 100% PlayMaker port of the UnityLearn project on the AssetStore.

Find the project in this github repository.


MeFace Sample

This sample will show you some complex UI systems for face feature control.

It makes extensive use of DataMaker, using xml to save/read faces setup.

Download the MeFace sample. Or get it via the Ecosystem.


KenPlanes Sample

This is reversed engineered Sample, using KenPlanes. This is great for those who want to compare a full C# game with a full PlayMaker counter part, for the exact same set of features and gameplay.

KenPlanes artwork and C# source is available via patreon

You can play this PlayMaker version on your browser

Download the KenPlanes sample. Or get it via the Ecosystem.


Vuforia AR Menu

This sample is inspired from a very cool experiment on twitter

This sample makes use of the PlayMaker Vuforia Support package, also available via the Ecosystem.

Check out the forum thread

Download the Vuforia AR sample. Or get it via the Ecosystem.


Ecosystem Browser

Find more samples on the PlayMaker Ecosystem.



PlayMaker Kits

Complete starter kits for various game types.

3d Sauce Kits:

Flying Robot Studios's kits:


Older Examples:






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