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Data Maker


Work with xml and xPath to give raw power on data management.

Work with json, where you can convert from json to xml ro work directly with jsons

Platform restriction

WARNING: DataMaker unfortunalty doesn't work on Windows Phone platform. The xml/xpath system used on Windows phone is different and incompatible. If you want to contribute and have solution, please get in touch with us.

Download version 1.0.6

View ChangeLog

The preffered way is from the Ecosystem

But you can download it below as well:


Json support


ArrayMaker is provided in this package. It features an xml extension to parse xml and json  for convenience.

Xml Usage

Basically, you can reference, a file in your assets, or define your xml as a string. You can host your xml in a convenient xml proxy component, or directly within actions.

to reference an xml content in a proxy, drop the component "DataMakerXmlProxy" onto a gameObject, xml actions can point to that component to get the xml from. AND xml actions can write back the results of the action to these components. 

You can also save in memory during runtime, by simply referencing them with a unique string. Note: when you save in memory, the xml content is still available when you stop playing, it's very convenient to srudy xml content in your actions if something went wrong or if you want to know exactly what it's in there.

Video tutorials

Samples ( coming soon)

Two samples are provided currently ( more will come in, based on requests and future work). You should study these examples to learn xPath queries and how actions are combined together.

DataMakerXmlBooks: Your typical xml based example, to understand how to query a listing of books to get to the data you are interested in.

Sequencer: that's a nifty little demo that allows you to define a sequence of actions, in xml! 


Help and troubleShooting:

  • IOS: Make sure you set the "API comatibilty level" option to ".NET 2.0" in the PlayerSettings/Optimization, the default ".NET 2.0 Subset" will not compile the newton dll for json.

For any help, trouble, questions, comments, critics, you can use the forum and mention "dataMaker xml" in the thread title.



Packaging procedure is proudly automated using uTomate, it's very much PlayMaker for project management! Simply Amazing!


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