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Extend this class to implement a custom editor for any action.

  • NOTE: This is an Editor script, and should be in an Editor folder.
  • Use the CustomActionEditorAttribute to define the action type to edit.

C# Example:

This example creates a custom editor for Debug Float.

Save it as CustomActionEditorTest.cs in an Editor folder and check out the new Debug Float editor!


Method Description

void OnEnable()

Use this method for any expensive initialization.

It is called when an FSM is selected.

bool OnGUI()

Use EditorGUILayout and GUILayout controls to build the GUI.

Should return true if the action has been edited.

bool DrawDefaultInspector()

Draw the default inspector for the action type.

Returns true if the action has been edited.

void EditField(string fieldName)

Creates the default editor for the named field.

void OnSceneGUI()

Create interactive gizmos in the scene to edit actions.

See PlayMaker/Actions/Editor for examples.



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