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Graph View Preferences

Graph View Preferences

Graph View Preferences control the appearance and behavior of the Graph View in the editor.


Graph Styles

Color Scheme

Sets the overall color scheme for the PlayMaker Editor.

  • Default: Match the Unity Editor Skin (dark or light).
  • Dark: Dark background.
  • Light: Light background.

Link Style

Sets the default style for links between states.

  • Bezier: Smooth curved arrows.
  • Circuit: Right angled circuit lines.

NOTE: You can override this style per transition in the transition context menu.

Color Links With State Color

Use the State Color when drawing links from that state.

Enable Watermarks

Each FSM can show a custom watermark in the Graph View for quick identification. This setting turns watermarks on/off globally.

Show FSM Description in Graph View

Show the FSM Description in the Graph View.

Show Comments in Graph View

Show State Comments under states in the Graph View.

Draw Frame Around FSM

Draw a frame around the whole FSM. 

Draw Links Behind States

Draws the Transition Links behind the States for a tidier graph.



Mouse Wheel Scrolls Graph View

By default the mouse wheel controls zoom. This lets you use the mouse wheel to scroll the view instead.

Show Scrollbars All The Time

If unchecked scrollbars will only display when dragging the canvas (middle mouse drag).

Edge Scroll Speed

Controls the scrolling speed when you drag near the edge of the graph view.

Zoom Speed

Controls the sensitivity of the mouse wheel for zooming.



Show Minimap

Toggle the display of the minimap. The minimap is a clickable overview of the FSM. Can also be toggled in the Selection Toolbar.

Minimap Size

The size of the Minimap in pixels.



New State Name

The default name used when creating a new state. NOTE: A number is automatically appended to maintain unique names.

Max State Width

You can make states wider to display very long state names.

Snap Grid Size

The grid size used when snapping. Hold Ctrl/Cmd while moving states to snap to the grid. NOTE: The default value of 16 is the height of a transition box so links line up well.

Snap To Grid

Always snap to the grid when editing the graph. You can invert this setting by holding Ctrl/Cmd while dragging etc.


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