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Selection Toolbar

The Selection Toolbar lets you quickly select FSMs in the scene.

  1. Selection History: Back, Forward, Recent.
  2. Select GameObjects that have PlayMakerFSMs. 
  3. Select an FSM on the GameObject. NOTE: A GameObject can have multiple FSMs.
  4. Lock the FSM selection so it doesn't switch as you select other GameObjects.
  5. Select the GameObject that owns this FSM.
  6. Toggle the MiniMap on/off.

Selection Notes:

  • Normally the FSM Editor automatically selects FSMs as you select GameObjects in the Unity Scene/Project.
  • You can control selection behavior in Preferences.
  • TIP: Use Lock when you need to drag and drop objects from other GameObjects.
  • TIP: Use Back to select the parent after editing a sub FSM.
  • TIP: Hit F in the Graph View to scroll to the selected State.

Working with Multiple FSMs on a GameObject

The selection toolbar lets you quickly select FSMs on a GameObject:

Quickly Selecting States

New 1.9.0: Right-click the Minimap button to quickly select any state in the FSM:

Working with Prefabs

If the selected FSM is on a Prefab, the Select button is replaced with a popup menu:

  • Select Prefab: Selects the prefab object.
  • Make Instance: Makes an instance of the prefab in the scene.

If the selected FSM is a Prefab Instance, the Select button shows this popup menu:

  • Select Game Object: Selects the prefab instance in the scene.
  • Revert To Prefab: Reverts any changes made to the FSM from the prefab.
  • Select Prefab: Selects the prefab parent of this instance.



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