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FSM Browser

Open the FSM Browser from the Playmaker Main Menu.

The FSM Browser shows all the state machines in your project:


  1. Filter the Fsm List: "All", "On Selected Object", "Recently Selected", "With Errors"
  2. Settings: Settings menu.
  3. Enabled: Enable/Disable the FSM.
  4. State: The FSM's current State, or the Start State if not playing.
  5. Description: The selected FSM's Description. You can edit this field
  6. Help Url: Url to web page documentation. Use the icon to open the page.

Use this browser to:

  • Quickly select any FSM in your project.
  • Keep track of the current state of all FSMs when the game is running.
  • Quickly enable/disable FSMs as you test.
  • Edit an FSM's description and link.

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