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Templates Browser

Open the Templates Browser from the Playmaker Main Menu

The Template Browser shows all saved FSM Templates.

  1. Search: Filter the template list to find templates. Search popup lets you search by Name or Description.
  2. Selected Template: Click a category to open it and select a template.
  3. Category: Set the category for the selected template.
  4. Description: Edit the description for the selected template.

Use this browser to:

  • Select templates. The selected template can be edited in the main editor.
  • Find errors in templates. Templates with errors have an error icon in the list view.
  • Manage the template assets. Right click a template for a popup menu:
    • Ping Template Asset: Pings the asset in the Project window.
    • Delete: Delete the template asset.


  • Templates are Project Assets like Prefabs so they cannot reference Scene Objects!
  • Any events or variables used by the selected states are stored in the template.
  • When you paste a template, those events and variables are added to the state machine.

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