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Adding States

Context Menu

Right click on the canvas to open the FSM Context Menu:

Add State

Adds a new state to the FSM.

Paste States

Pastes previously copied states into the FSM.

Paste Template

Pastes the selected Template into the FSM.

NOTE: States pasted from a templates are disconnected from the original template. Changes to the template will not affect the pasted states. To keep the link to the Template use the Run FSM action instead.

Add Global Transition

Adds a new state with a global transition to that state. This is a shortcut for Add State, right-click new state, and Add Global Transition. It saves a few clicks :)


Drag And Drop

You can also create states using drag and drop.

  • Drag an action from the Action Browser into the Graph View:

  • Drag an action from a State into the Graph View. Hold shift to copy instead of move the action.



  • Ctrl click the canvas to quickly add a new state.
  • Hold control while dragging a transition to make a new transition state.



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