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Action Browser

Open the Action Browser from the Playmaker Main Menu or State Inspector.

NEW: 1.9.0 Action Category Icons in Action Browser and Action Titlebar.

The Action Browser shows all available Actions sorted by category:

  1. Search: Filters the Action List so you can find actions. Search popup lets you filter by Name or Description.
  2. Settings Menu: General settings. See below.
  3. Selected Action: Open a category then select an Action.
  4. Description: A description of the selected Action.
  5. Help: Opens an online doc for the selected Action.
  6. Preview: A preview of the UI for the selected Action. Toggle on/off with the Preview check box.

Settings Menu

  • Show Preview: Toggle the Action Preview on/off
  • Hide Obsolete Actions: Sometimes old actions are marked obsolete. Use this setting to show/hide these actions.
  • Close Window After Adding Action: With this setting the Action Browser works more like a popup dialog.
  • Auto Refresh Action Usage: In a large project this might slow down the editor.
  • Show Used Actions Only: Hides actions that are not used.
  • Tools: Useful tools for managing actions.
  • Recent Category Size: Manage the size of the Recent Category.
  • Disable Window When Playing: Disable this window when game is playing in the editor. 

Context Menu

  • Find...: Find where an an action is used.
  • Add...: Various options to add the Action to the selected State.
  • Find Script: Pings the Action's script file in the Project View.
  • Select Script: Selects the Action's script.
  • Edit Script...:  Opens the Action's script in the default script editor.

Favorites (NEW 1.8.3)

  • A special category that shows actions you've marked as Favorites.
  • Add actions to Favorites using the Action Context Menu.

Recent (NEW 1.8.3)

  • The Recent category shows actions recently added to states.
  • Control the size of the list using the Settings Menu.


  • Hit Ctrl ~ or double click the State Inspector to open this browser.
  • Typing in the Search field selects the first matching action.
  • Use Up/Down cursor keys to select actions.
  • Hit Enter to add the selected action to the selected State.
  • You can drag and drop actions from the list into the State Inspector or the Graph View.


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