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State Inspector

The State Inspector lets you edit the properties of the selected state. Most importantly it lets you edit the Actions on a state.

  1. State Name: The name of the selected state. NOTE: State names must be unique in an FSM.
  2. Settings Menu: Color Swatch and State Inspector settings menu. See below.
  3. Action: Each state has a list of actions. Each action has it's own Action Editor.
  4. Debug: Shows the value of any variables used in Actions. Useful for debugging variables at runtime.
  5. Hide Unused: Hide unused, optional parameters. This can reduce clutter in the action UI. 
  6. Action Browser: Open the Action Browser so you can add actions to the state.

Settings Menu

  • Action Sequence: When checked, each action is run until finished before the next one starts.
  • Show State Description: Use state descriptions to describe how your FSM works.
  • Show Action Parameters: Show/hide the action parameters.
  • Dim Unused Parameters: Dim unused, optional parameters. Can help reduce visual clutter.
  • Set State Color: Set a custom color for the state in the Graph View. See Color Preferences.
  • Select All Actions: Select all the actions on the selected State.
  • Copy Selected Actions/Paste Actions: Copy/Paste actions.
  • Delete All Actions: A quick way to remove all actions on the State.
  • Action Browser: Opens the Action Browser.
  • Online Help: Opens this document!

Drag and Drop

  • Actions can be re-ordered by dragging their title bars.

  • Actions can be dragged from the Action Browser into the State Inspector. You can also drag actions back into the browser to remove them.

  • Components can be dragged from the Unity Inspector onto the State Inspector. This opens a context-menu that shows actions that apply to that component. Select an action and it will be added to the state and setup to target the dragged component.

Update Loop

  • All actions are updated every frame from top to bottom. 
  • Finished actions are skipped in the update loop.
  • When all actions on a state have finished a FINISHED event is sent.
  • When the game is playing, active actions have a green highlight; finished actions are dimmed.
  • The Action Sequence setting lets you run each action in turn instead of simultaneously. 

See Actions for more details on the update loop.

Workflow Hints

  • Use the Debug check box to show variable values while playing the game.
  • NEW: You can hover over the left edge of the Inspector and drag to resize.


  • After selecting a State in the Graph View, hit Tab to highlight the State Name edit field.
  • Press ~ or Ctrl~ to open the Action Browser.
  • Double click any empty space in the State Inspector to open the Action Browser.
  • Ctrl click an action foldout to open/close all actions:

  • Ctrl click the enable check box to enable/disable all actions:

  • Hover over another state while dragging actions to select it:


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