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Action Sequence

Action Sequence is a setting in the State Inspector that controls how actions are executed.

Normally all actions in a state are executed every frame from top to bottom. See Actions.

The Action Sequence setting lets you run each action in turn. 


This sequence will:

  • Wait for 0.5 seconds.
  • Then Play the startSound AudioClip.
  • Then Wait 1 second and send the NextState event.

Without Action Sequence enabled, the same action list would:

  • Immediately Play the startSound AudioClip.
  • Wait 1 second and send the NextState event.
  • (The first Wait essentially does nothing.)

Note that the dividers between actions change to indicate that Action Sequence is enabled.


  • Actions used in a sequence MUST finish, otherwise the next action will never run.
  • Active actions have a green highlight.
  • Finished actions are dimmed.


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