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Variables Manager

The Variables Manager lets you add, delete, and edit the variables used by an FSM.

  1. Search Filter: Filter the Variables list to find variables.
  2. Variable Name: Descriptive name for the variable.
  3. Usage Count: The number of times the variable is used in the FSM.
  4. Variable Type: The variable type. See FSM Variables.
  5. Settings Menu: See below.
  6. Delete: Delete a variable.
  7. Variable Editor: Add or Edit Variables.


Settings Menu

  • Debug Variable Values: Show variable values. Great for runtime debugging.
  • Delete Unused Variables: Delete any variables that are not used by this FSM.
  • Global Variables: Open the Global Variables Window.
  • Copy Variables: Copy all variables from the FSM.
  • Paste Variables: Paste previously copied variables into an FSM.
  • Paste Variables Values: Paste variable values into an FSM.
  • Online Help: A link to this document.


Adding a New Variable

  • New Variable: Enter the name for the new variable.
  • Variable Type: Set the type for the new variable.
  • The new variable is auto-selected so you can edit it further. See below.

NEW Define custom menu items for Object and Enum variables using a Variable Type Definition Asset.

NEW Drag and drop Components and GameObjects into the panel to create new variables:


Editing a Variable

  • Select the variable in the table.
  • Use the panel at the bottom to edit the variable:


  • Edit Variable: Set the variable's name.
  • Value: Set the default value for the variable.
  • Tooltip: Set the tooltip that will show when mousing over the variable.
  • Category: Set the category that the variable should use. Categories are useful to organize lots of variables.
  • Inspector: Show the variable in the FSM Inspector as well as Run FSM actions.
  • Network Sync: Should this variable be automatically synced over the Network. Not available for all types.

NOTE: Enum, Object, and Array variables also require you to set the specific type to use.

For example an Object variable requires an Object Type:

Note that Network Sync in disabled since Unity Objects cannot be synced over the network.


  • The Object Type selection menu is organized by namespace. Many standard components are under UnityEngine. Most third party scripts use their own namespace, making their types easier to find.
  • Type letters to quickly navigate the Object Type Selection menu.


Organizing By Category

NEW Organize variables into Categories:

  • Select the variable
  • Type a Category or select an existing category from the popup.
  • The variable will now be listed in that category.

NOTE: Categories are also used in the FSM Inspector tab and PlayMakerFSM Inspector.


Finding Variables in Actions

Right click on a variable name to find states/actions that use the variable.


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