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Global Variables

Open the Global Variables window from the Playmaker Main Menu.

Use the Globals window to edit global variables used by the project.

  1. Search Filter: Filter the Variables list to find variables.
  2. Variable Name: Descriptive name for the variable.
  3. Usage Count: The number of times the variable is used in the FSM.
  4. Variable Type: The variable type. See FSM Variables.
  5. Settings Menu: See below.
  6. Delete: Delete a variable.
  7. Variable Editor: Add or Edit Variables.

Settings Menu

  • Auto Refresh On Focus: Refresh the variables when the window is selected.
  • Debug Variable Values: Show variable values inline with variables.
  • Online Help: Opens this document.

Globals Usage

  • Global variables are useful for information that needs to be accessed by many FSMs.
  • The Global Variables window works almost exactly like the Variables Manager in the main editor.
  • NOTE: If an FSM has a local variable with the same name as a global variable it will use that instead of the global (even if you select the global variable). This allows an FSM to override a global variable value.

Known Issues

  • Global Variables cannot currently be renamed. This feature will be added soon.
  • Global Variables usage is currently not tracked across the project. This will be added soon.
  • There is currently no automatic way to add global variables used by templates to a project. For now you need to add these globals manually to the new project before importing the template.


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