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Version 1.2

New Features

  • Global Variables and Events.
  • Get/Set Property actions to get/set properties on any Unity Object.
  • Event Browser to manage all events in your project in one window.
  • Copy/Paste actions. Also Paste actions as new states.
  • Added Rect, Material, Texture, Quaternion and Object fsm variable types.
  • New Object variable type can store any type derived from Unity Object.
  • New console window shows action changes since the project was saved.
  • Improved workflow for quickly finding and adding actions to states.
  • Custom per transition link styles. Override default link style, and lock to left/right.
  • Custom state and link colors. Also used on state labels in the game view.
  • Ability to expose FSM Events in the Unity Inspector as buttons.
  • Preference to auto-frame active state in the Graph View.
  • Ability to edit an action's name to make it more descriptive.
  • Set Event Target action lets any action send events to other FSMs.
  • Previous State actions to easily return to the previous state after a global transition.
  • Snap to grid when moving states (hold Ctrl).
  • Constrain state dragging to horizontal/vertical (hold Shift). 
  • In editor hints (F1 to toggle on/off).
  • Many new keyboard shortcuts to speed up workflow.
  • Auto panning when dragging States/Transitions to the edge of the view. Speed exposed in Preferences.
  • Organized and exposed new Preferences, including ability to selectively disable editor windows when running the game.
  • Custom Color Schemes for the Graph View (to work better with both Pro and Indie skins).
  • Crossing selection of States (drag from right to left).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed: Action serialization was broken on Wii. Should also now be fixed for XBox and PS3, but needs testing.
  • Fixed: GUI actions were broken on iOS.
  • Fixed: GUI would create lots of GC calls (particularly noticeable on mobile devices). 
  • Fixed: Memory leak on loading scenes.
  • Fixed: Disabled FSMs/Game Objects would receive events.
  • Fixed: Event Data Sent By was wrong with broadcast events.
  • Fixed: Editing events on prefabs would sometimes not propagate to instances.
  • Fixed: Saving was flaky when editing variables exposed in the Inspector.
  • Fixed: Undo/Redo was broken on variables exposed in the Inspector.
  • Fixed: States wouldn't resize with global transition events.
  • Fixed: Destroy Object Action:  Delay option was broken.
  • Fixed: Game Object Compare Action: Not Equal event would fire when equal.
  • Fixed: Project Location To Map Action: Didn't work properly with cropped maps.
  • Fixed: Cursor in editor text fields didn't behave like normal Unity text fields.
  • Fixed: Sometimes multiple PlayMakerGUI components were added to the scene.
  • Fixed: FSM selection could change on Play/Stop even with Lock checked.
  • Fixed: "Copy" now only added to pasted states when necessary to avoid naming conflict.
  • Fixed: Drag-threshold was broken. Would cause false "Editing while playing" warnings and extra undo states.


  • Added Event Target to Send Event action. This essentially renders Broadcast Event and Send Event To FSM obsolete, but they are kept for backward compatibility.
  • Added Sent By field to Fsm Log window. Click to navigate to the state that sent the event.
  • You can now delete system events from FSMs. You can add them back using the Global Event manager window.
  • Added new variables types to Send Message and Start Coroutine actions.
  • Added FsmRect support to GUI ActionsGUILayout Begin AreaDraw Texture...
  • Added inclusive option to Random Int. Thanks MaDDoX: Forum thread.
  • Allow Set Fsm Game Object to set value to null. Thanks JeanFabre: Forum thread.
  • PlayerPrefs actions array size now defaults to 1.
  • Made it easier to remove iTween if you don't use it (#define iTween).
  • Preference to add "(Prefab)" to prefab labels.
  • Preference to Auto-Load All Prefabs used by a scene.
  • Added (Modified) to modified prefab instance labels.
  • Alt-Click to follow transitions in edit mode too.
  • Multiple FSMs on same GameObject given unique names by default.
  • Editor remembers last selected FSM on a GameObject. 
  • FSMs with same name on a GameObject have numerical qualifiers in menus etc. For clarity, it is still recommended that you give each FSM a unique name based on its purpose.
  • Templates are now found in any directory under Assets (they don't need to be in the PlayMaker/Templates folder).
  • System events are no longer added automatically to new FSMs.
  • Events are automatically added to the Events list when used in the FSM.
  • Updated many actions with an Every Frame option.

New Actions


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