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Get Property

Gets the value of any public property or field on the targeted Unity Object and stores it in a variable.

Target Object
Any object derived from UnityEngine.Object. For example, you can drag a Component from the Unity Inspector into this field. HINT: Use Lock to lock the current FSM selection if you need to drag a component from another GameObject.
Use the property selection menu to select the property to get. Note: You can drill into the property, e.g., transform.localPosition.x.
Store Result
Store the result in a variable.
Every Frame
Repeat every frame. Useful if the property is changing over time.


Workflow Hints

  • Drag a component from the Unity Inspector to the State Inspector to quickly access properties.

  • Use Lock in the Selection Toolbar to select components on other GameObjects.
  • Use Get Component to get a component and then Get Property to get a property in that component.
  • NEW Drill into properties in the property menu:

E.g., sub menus let you select eulerAngles.normalized.x:



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