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Send Event

Sends the specified event after an optional delay.

NOTE: To send an event between FSMs it must be marked global in the Events Manager.

Event Target
Where to send the event.
Send Event
The event to send.
Time delay in seconds.
Every Frame
Repeat every frame. Rarely needed, but can be useful when sending events to other FSMs.


Event Target selection:

  • Self

    Send this event to this FSM only. Event can be global or local.

  • GameObject

    Send this event to ALL FSMs on a GameObject. Event must be marked global

  • GameObject FSM

    Send this event to a specific FSM on a given GameObject. Event must be marked global

  • FsmComponent

    Send this event to a specific FsmComponent reference (same as "GameObject FSM" only that you don't refer to it by name but pass a reference to the component itself). Event must be marked global

  • Broadcast All

    Sends this event to ALL active FSMs in the scene. Event must be marked global

  • Host FSM

    Sends an event to the FSM running a template. Works only within a FSM Templates used with the action Run Fsm. Event must be marked global

  • Sub FSMs

    Sends an event to sub FSMs running in this FSM, Works only within a FSM Templates used with the action Run Fsm Event must be marked global

Events trigger transitions to new states. See Events.


NEW: Create a new event inside the Event Selection menu:

This can save a lot of time going back and forth to the Events Manager.



Use Send Event with a delay to periodically loop a state, e.g., once a second


See Also

Set Event Target



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