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Events Manager

The Events Manager lets you edit the Events used by an FSM.

  1. Event: The name of the event.
  2. Global Flag: Global events can be sent between FSM.
  3. Settings Menu: See below.
  4. Use Count: Number of times the event is used in this FSM. 
  5. Delete: Remove the event from this FSM. 
  6. Event Editor. Add or Edit Events.
  7. Event Browser: Browse all the events used in your project.

Click a column header to sort the table.


Settings Menu

  • Remove Unused Events: Removes any events that aren't used by this FSM.
  • Event Browser: Opens the Event Browser.
  • Online Help: Opens this page.


Adding an Event

Note: You can hit Escape to deselect events to quickly get to the Add Event mode.

  • Add Event: Enter a new event name.
  • Browser: The browse button on the right allows you to select an existing event.


Editing an Event

Select an Event in the table to edit it.

  • Event Name: Edit the Event's name and hit enter. Use the Browse button to pick from all events used in the project.
  • Inspector: Expose this event in the FSM Inspector as a button. Press this button at runtime to send the event.


Finding Events in FSMs

Right-click an event name to select States that use it:


Selecting Events in the Graph View

Double click an event in the Graph View to select it in the Event Manager:


Testing Events 

Expose events in the Inspector to quickly test them while playing:


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