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Event Browser

Open the Event Browser from the Playmaker Main Menu.

The Event Browser shows all the events used by open FSMs and Prefabs.

  1. Search: Filter the Event list to find events. Filter by All, Global, Local or System in the search popup menu.
  2. Global Flag: Mark an event as Global. Global Events can be sent between FSMs.
  3. Settings: Opens a Settings Menu. See below.
  4. Used: Counts the number of FSMs that use the Event.
  5. Delete: Delete the Event.


  • System Events (e.g., TRIGGER ENTER) cannot be deleted.
  • Clicking a column title sorts the table by that column.


Context Menu

Right click an Event to open the Context Menu:

  • Select FSMs that use the Event.
  • Add the Event to the selected FSM.


Settings Menu

  • Hide Unused Events: Hides Events not used in the loaded FSMs.
  • Disable Window When Playing: Disable this tool window when playing the game in the editor. 


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