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Touch GUI Event

Sends events when a GUI Texture or GUI Text is touched. Optionally filter by a fingerID.

Game Object
The Game Object that owns the GUI Texture or GUI Text.
Finger Id
Only detect touches that match this fingerID, or set to None.
Touch Began
Event to send on touch began.
Touch Moved
Event to send on touch moved.
Touch Stationary
Event to send on stationary touch.
Touch Ended
Event to send on touch ended.
Touch Canceled
Event to send on touch cancel.
Not Touching
Event to send if not touching (finger down but not over the GUI element)
Store Finger Id
Store the fingerId of the touch.
Store Hit Point
Store the screen position where the GUI element was touched.
Normalize Hit Point
Normalize the hit point screen coordinates (0-1).
Store Offset
Store the offset position of the hit.
Relative To
How to measure the offset.
Normalize Offset
Normalize the offset.
Every Frame
Repeat every frame.

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