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Version 1.3.3



  • Editor
    • Better sorting of variables. Click on Name to sort alphabetically, or type to sort by type.
    • Editor remembers selected inspector tab when playmode changes.
    • Flag to show state labels should be synchronized now so you don't have to set it in multiple places.
    • Added PlayMaker/Tools/Export Globals and Import Globals. 
    • Playmaker gizmo now shows in Hierarchy view even if the FSM Editor is closed.
    • Realtime Error Checker now checks for missing actions. E.g., scripts that have been deleted.
    • Added warning if you try to save a template outside of the project's Assets folder.
    • Reorganized preferences so each section gets its own page.
    • Updated online action docs and links.
    • Improved editor performance.
  • Runtime
    • You can now use Network Sync with global variables.
    • Added Network Sync for string and color variables.
    • Added support for Vector2 variables.
  • Actions

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed MissingReferenceExceptions when sending events to a game object after loading a level.
  • Fixed NotSupportedException when trying to discover actions in dynamic modules in third party extensions.
  • Fixed bug with Global Variables losing their default values on playmode change.
  • Fixed bug where breakpoints on start states weren't triggered.
  • Fixed color variables in Get Property and Set Property actions.
  • Right-clicking a global variable in the Variables tab showed states on other FSMs that used the variable.
  • Ctrl-shift-click shortcut in the graph view would add a state if you clicked on the canvas.
  • Vector parameter in Rotate action was ignored.
  • Fixed bug in Mouse Pick action where the Distance variable was lost.
  • Object Data would overwrite GameObject Data in Set Event Data.

New Actions

  • Camera: Set Main Camera
  • Device: DevicePlayFullScreenMovie
  • GUI: Reset GUI Matrix
  • Network: Send Remote Event. Uses an RPC call.
  • GUILayout: Begin Scroll View, End Scroll View.
  • Physics: Set Joint Connected Body

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