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Version 1.3

Now works with Unity 3.5. Flash support coming soon!

Editor Improvements

  • Debug Flow! Scrub through time to examine state and variable changes.
  • Drag and Drop. It's easier than ever to add, move, and delete actions.
  • Watermarks. Tag your FSMs with watermark icons for quicker identification.
  • Added filtering to Fsm Browser to quickly find FSMs, e.g., Recently selected FSMs.
  • Better Fsm Log formatting. Jump to the selected action when clicking on log entries and errors.
  • Integrated Bug Reporter to send feedback directly to our Fogbugz database.
  • Save FSM Screenshot. Set the directory in Preferences.
  • Ctrl/Cmd-Click foldout arrow to open/close all actions.
  • Ctrl/Cmd-Click enable checkbox to enable/disable all actions.
  • Click the Required Component error box to add the component to the object.
  • More intuitive Raycast action. Added Local Space and Debug Color options.
  • Custom Action Wizard to help create custom actions quicker.
  • Reduced GC calls generated by debug State Labels and FsmLog.
  • Action Browser and other list views now scroll with cursor keys and auto scroll to the selected item.
  • Added support for UIHint.TextArea for FsmString variables, so you can display a text area instead of a text field.
  • Reformatted the Required Field error to take up less space. 
  • Added some more hints and tinted hint boxes so blue box = help.
  • Nicer graph view auto panning that doesn't bump into canvas edges.
  • Added a lot of tooltips to older Actions.
  • Welcome Screen with common links.

Runtime Improvements

  • Networking support. Network events and actions.
  • Pause FSMs. Added option to Pause or Reset FSMs when enabled/disabled.
  • Performance. Improved FSM loading times and smaller exe size.
  • Added static BroadcastEvent methods to PlayMakerFSM.

Bug Fixes

  • Editor: Copy/paste was broken with new variables types introduced in 1.2.
  • Editor: Fixed sending events to FSMs using Animation Events. Use SendEvent(string).
  • Editor: Edit time preview of GUI actions didn't work on prefabs.
  • Editor: PlayMakerGlobals lost default values on play/stop.
  • Editor: Remove Fsm Component in editor failed on prefabs.
  • Editor: Long global transition events could get clipped when pasting states.
  • Editor: Animation browser in Animation Actions now updates immediately when adding/removing animations.
  • Editor: Copied transitions now keep extra settings (color, style etc.).
  • Runtime: Changed default width in GUI Vertical Slider so it doesn't cover screen and eat all mouse clicks.
  • Runtime: EventData could be wrong with delayed events.
  • Runtime: GetChild was buggy with untagged objects.

New Actions

  • Animation
    • Add Mixing Transform
    • Remove Mixing Transform
  • Application
    • Application Run In Background
  • Device
    • Device Vibrate
  • GameObject
    • Get Next Child
  • GUILayout
    • GUILayout Int Field
    • GUILayout Int Label
    • GUILayout Float Field
    • GUILayout Float Label
  • Material
    • Set Material Movie Texture
  • StateMachine
    • Send Event By Name
  • Substance
    • Rebuild Textures
    • Set Procedural Boolean
    • Set Procedural Color
    • Set Procedural Float
  • UnityObject
    • Get Component
  • Vector3
    • Vector3 Lerp

Plus a whole bunch of Network Actions!


  • Moved action description tooltip to the help button.
  • Play Animation Finish Event should be more reliable. Also added a Loop Event.
  • Load Level with Async setting should be more reliable.

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