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Version 1.3.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed iOS, NaCL build errors with Actions not supported on those platforms.
  • Fixed browse button for Get/Set Fsm Texture/Quaternion/Rect/Object actions.
  • Fixed CheckForComponent on FsmOwnerDefault GameObject variable.


  • Tweaked Network Ping actions UI.
  • Changes to global variables are no longer saved while the game is running. This is so they reset properly when the game is stopped.
  • Global variables reset properly when stopping the game. There is still some weirdness noted in the PlayMakerGlobals inspector. Looking into a fix for this...
  • Set Event Target: Added the targeted FSM name under FSM Component so you can can tell which component you assigned to the field.
  • Dim/Hide Unused Parameters now includes FsmTexture, FsmMaterial and FsmObject variables set to null.

I have a feeling that Dim Unused Parameters and Hide Unused are not well understood, so here's a quick overview:

  • State Settings Menu > Dim Unused Parameters dims unassigned, optional parameters. The controls are still usable but dimmed 50%.
  • State > Hide Unused hides all unassigned, optional parameters and is set per state, typically once you're done editing that state.
  • At any time you can uncheck Hide Unused to see if there are any useful optional parameters.
  • The system is designed to reduce visual clutter in the Action Editor.



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