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Controller Jump

Makes a CharacterController Jump.

Game Object
The GameObject that owns the CharacterController component.
Jump Height
How high to jump.
Jump in local or word space.
Jump Speed Multiplier
Multiplies the speed of the CharacterController at moment of jumping. Higher numbers will jump further. Note: Does not effect the jump height.
Gravity Multiplier
Gravity multiplier used in air, to correctly calculate jump height.
Fall Multiplier
Extra gravity multiplier when falling. Note: This is on top of the gravity multiplier above. This can be used to make jumps less 'floaty.'
Move Vector
Movement vector applied while in the air. Usually from a Get Axis Vector, allowing the player to influence the jump.
Multiplies the Move Vector by a Speed factor.
Max Speed
Clamp horizontal speed while jumping. Set to None for no clamping.
Landed Event
Event to send when landing. Use this to transition back to a grounded State.
Landing Speed
Store how fast the Character Controlling was moving when it landed.
Landing Motion
Store the last movement before landing.
Fall Distance
The total distance fallen, from the start of the jump to landing point. NOTE: This will be negative when jumping to higher ground.

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