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Version 1.2.1

Bug Fixes

  • Integrated iTween local space bug fixes posted in forums.
  • Fixed duplicate event buttons in Inspector when editing events.
  • Fixed null ref error when adding PlayMakerFSM component without editor open.
  • ApplyGlobally option in GUI actions didn't work with animated values.
  • Was impossible to deselect events/variables when list got longer than scroll view. Added some extra space so you can always deselect.
  • Fixed String Compare and String Contains when only looking for false events.
  • Fixed clamping of x rotation in Mouse Look action.
  • Fixed Store Float Value in Vector3 Operator.

New Actions


  • Filter global events in Send Event to only show global events in the targeted FSM.
  • Changed Camera Fade Out so after fading, it stays black until the state is exited.
  • Screen To World Point ScreenZ now has a default value (instead of "none").
  • Added direct links to wiki docs for new actions.
  • Added Every Frame option to Set GUI Texture Color action.

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