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Timeline Log

Open the Timeline Log from the PlayMaker Main Menu.

The Timeline Log shows the state history for multiple FSMs in a single view.



  1. FSM Filter: Filters the FSMs to show in the timeline.
  2. Timeline: A control that shows the log time in seconds.
  3. Time Marker:  Line that shows the current time. The view auto-scrolls as time advances.
  4. State Block: Block of time that the FSM is in a State. NOTE: Uses colors from the Graph View.

FSM Filter

  • All FSMs: Shows all loaded FSMs.
  • FSMs in Scene: Shows FSMs in the current scene.
  • On Selected Objects: Shows only FSMs on selected GameObjects.
  • Recently Selected: Sorts FSMs by selection history, most recent at the top.
  • Refresh: Update the list of filtered FSMs. E.g., when GameObjects are added/removed while playing.


  • The Timeline shows log time in seconds. 
  • Zoom: Mouse over the timeline and use the scroll wheel.
  • Pan: Middle mouse drag the timeline or use the horizontal scroll bar.
  • Select Time: Click on the timeline to pause and move the Time Marker.

State Blocks

  • Each block represents a length of time that an FSM was in that state.
  • The block is labeled with the state name and colored with the state color.
  • Click the state block to move the Time Marker to the start of that state.


  • The Timeline Log is new in 1.8.0.
  • The Time Marker is coordinated across debugging tools. E.g., with the FSM Log.


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