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Controller Check Height

Checks the height clearance for a CharacterController, or, in other words, if a CharacterController can be set to a height without collisions. Often used while crouching to check if the controller has room to stand up.

Game Object
The GameObject that owns the CharacterController component.
Layer Mask
Layers to check collisions against.
Check Height
Height to check. The action will use a capsule of this height to check for collisions.
Repeat Interval
Set how often to check. 0 = once, don't repeat; 1 = everyFrame; 2 = every other frame... Because collision checks can get expensive use the highest repeat interval you can get away with.
Did Pass
Store if any collisions were found.
Clear Event
Event to send if no collisions were found.
Blocked Event
Event to send if collisions were found.

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