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ArrayMaker Addon provide the ability for PlayMaker to work with ArrayLists and HashTables. 
ArrayLists and HashTables are defined as proxy components on GameObjects: They can be referenced within Fsm using a gameObject referemce, a string reference and the related custom actions.
A full set of Custom Actions is available to work with those ArrayLists and HashTables proxies. 
ArrayLists and HashTables proxies can be created at runtime within Fsm for convenience ( a set of Actions is available for this).
Features of ArrayLists and HashTables proxies: 
  • You can fill ArrayLists and Hashtables with content during authoring.
  • You can live preview and edit content of ArrayLists and Hashtables.
  • Hashtable inspector check and visually warn for key duplicates.
  • During playback, you can narrow the preview given a start index and a row count, so if you have thousands of entrys, it is still manageable in the inspector.
NOTE: ArrayLists and HashTables proxy components can be used and accessed by normal scripts as well. They are basically standard GameObject's components.

ScreenCast Video

Thanks to Sebastian Alvarez for making great learning materials:

YouTube Videos


Version 1.4.1 ( changelog)

Available on the Ecosystem

Existing projects coming from Unity 4 may have issues with duplicate scripts in the folder "PlayMaker Utils". Simply delete that PlayMaker Utils" and import again.

Download the package here: ArrayMaker.unityPackage

Add ons:


The package is available on the Ecosystem

Or you can download it directly here: ArrayMakerEasySave.unitypackage

Using EasySave form the asset Store, you can now save and retrieve your arrayList and hashable proxies either using local files, or using a server.

Big Thanks to Joel, the author of EasySave for giving me access to EasySave package.

Help and troubleShooting:

For any help, trouble, questions, comments, critics, you can use the forum and mention "arrayMaker" in the thread title, or you can contact Jean Fabre directly:


ArrayMaker packaging procedure is proudly automated using uTomate, it's very much PlayMaker for project management! Simply Amazing!

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