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"The Vuforia Engine is a software module that you include in your app to give it the power to see images, or “targets,” from a Vuforia target database. When a target is recognized, your app takes over to generate augmented reality experiences, unlock new functionality and content, or unleash anything else you can imagine."

With Unity 2017.2 Vuforia is now provided as a module, you don't need to download anything form Vuforia. More Info here.

Download package ONLY for Unity 2017.2 and newer:

Download the PlayMakerVuforia Package here: PlayMakerVuforia.unitypackage or via the Ecosystem (make sure you download the one tagged "Unity 2017")

Download package ONLY for Unity 5 cycle:

You must install Vuforia SDK, It's free. You can find Vuforia sdk on their website.

Follow this step by step instruction by JustyPixel

Download the PlayMakerVuforia Package here: PlayMakerVuforia.unitypackage or via the Ecosystem (make sure you download the one tagged "Unity 5")

Ecosystem Download

You can download this package directly within Unity using the Ecosystem Browser

Installation Instructions:

You must own a license of PlayMaker and have it installed on your project.


Add the "PlayMakerVuforiaTrackableProxy" component to your ImageTarget Objects to receive the global Events "VUFORIA / TRACKABLE FOUND" and "VUFORIA / TRACKABLE LOST"

Note: Only ImageTarget GameObject receives tracking events, so make sure you add this proxy to ImageTarget objects.

Help and troubleshooting:

For any questions, please us as a first resort the forum

Alternatively, you can also pm the author.

Note: If you see anything missing, need a custom action not yet featured, or want to comment: use the playmaker forum, you can request new actions, participate, reports bugs or issues. 

Deprecated package for sdk 4.0 (compatible with Unity 5.0):




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