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Get Next Overlap Circle 2d

Iterate through a list of all colliders that fall within a circular area.The colliders iterated are sorted in order of increasing Z coordinate. No iteration will take place if there are no colliders within the area.

From Game Object
Center of the circle area. Or use From Position parameter.
From Position
Center of the circle area as a world position. Or use fromGameObject parameter. If both define, will add fromPosition to the fromGameObject position
The circle radius
Min Depth
Only include objects with a Z coordinate (depth) greater than this value. leave to none for no effect
Max Depth
Only include objects with a Z coordinate (depth) less than this value. leave to none
Layer Mask
Pick only from these layers.
Invert Mask
Invert the mask, so you pick from all layers except those defined above.
Colliders Count
Store the number of colliders found for this overlap.
Store Next Collider
Store the next collider in a GameObject variable.
Loop Event
Event to send to get the next collider.
Finished Event
Event to send when there are no more colliders to iterate.



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