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Set Wheel Joint 2d Properties

Sets the various properties of a WheelJoint2d component

Game Object
The WheelJoint2d target
Use Motor
Should a motor force be applied automatically to the Rigidbody2D?
Motor Speed
The desired speed for the Rigidbody2D to reach as it moves with the joint.
Max Motor Torque
The maximum force that can be applied to the Rigidbody2D at the joint to attain the target speed.
The world angle along which the suspension will move. This provides 2D constrained motion similar to a SliderJoint2D. This is typically how suspension works in the real world.
Damping Ratio
The amount by which the suspension spring force is reduced in proportion to the movement speed.
The frequency at which the suspension spring oscillates.
Every Frame
Repeat every frame while the state is active.



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