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​​​​​​​Version 2.0


  • Group and collapse states in the Graph View.
  • Color and group Events and Variables.
  • Add notes, pictures and other widgets to canvas and list views.
  • Higher level Project and Scene Graph Views that show how FSMs interact (imagine zooming one level out from the current FSM Graph View)
  • Scene View overlays to show connections between FSMs (events, variables...)
  • Project search tools.
  • Native Object Pooling system.
  • New example scenes.
  • New tutorial videos.
  • New flat style.
  • Faster FSM loading (uses generated code for fast track action loading).



  • Widgets use a flexible plugin system for the PlayMaker editor to embed info where the user wants it (on the canvas, in the variable/event lists etc.)
  • Widget examples: event buttons, variable editors, asset links, todo lists, runtime variable graphs, camera render, event log, minimap of the scene...





(old 1.9.1 notes - some of this might still make it into 1.9.1 so saving it here)

Example Scenes
  • This release will include simple example scenes to get users up and running quickly:
    • UI: common UI setups (hello world, buttons, input field etc.)
    • Tween: simple tweening of variables, position, rotation, scale, UI etc.
    • ...
Native Object Pooling
  • Since instantiation is such a common performance pitfall, it makes sense to include a simple object pooling solution. 
  • Features:
    • Simple to setup and use with new actions such as Spawn and Despawn
    • Runtime debugging of pools (e.g. in FSM Browser).
    • You can preload pools by creating a PlayMakerPoolDefinitionAsset, listing all the prefabs you want to pool and how much you want for each
    • You can have as many PlayMakerPoolDefinitionAsset as you want per project, so that you can package a game or asset store item that requires PlayMaker and define the pools you need without affecting other pools definition
    • You can enabled disable each pool preload setup in a PlayMakerPoolDefinitionAsset for convenient experimentation.
    • New PoolsWindow editor browser listing all pools and their current statistics
    • PoolsWindow has sortable columns with reverse ordering if you click again on the current sorting column
    • FsmLogs has new entries for when an Fsm is being spawned or despawned
    • Pools can be organized in hierarchy or not, they can be hidden or not, and instances can be auto named or not ( auto naming being performant sensitive, it's better not to have it on if your pool is preloaded at runtime with a high volume)


  • Native Object Pooling system - increased performance!
  • Native Tweening Actions with scene editors and curve previews.

  • Template Output Variables to better build re-usable building blocks.
  • Easier Prefab and Template selection and navigation.
  • Find Template usages in scene, prefab, and other templates.
  • Math Expression Action

  • Added option to Reset Variables when resetting an FSM. 
  • Added Info section to FSM Inspector.
  • Example UI Scenes

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