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iTween Move To

Changes a GameObject's position over time to a supplied destination.

Game Object
The GameObject to tween.
Transform Position
Move To a transform position.
Vector Position
Position the GameObject will animate to. If Transform Position is defined this is used as a local offset.
The time in seconds the animation will take to complete.
The time in seconds the animation will wait before beginning.
Can be used instead of time to allow animation based on speed. When you define speed the time variable is ignored.
Whether to animate in local or world space.
Ease Type
The shape of the easing curve applied to the animation.
Loop Type
The type of loop to apply once the animation has completed.
Orient To Path
Whether or not the GameObject will orient to its direction of travel. False by default.
Look At Object
A target object the GameObject will look at.
Look At Vector
A target position the GameObject will look at.
Look Time
The time in seconds the object will take to look at either the Look Target or Orient To Path. 0 by default
Restricts rotation to the supplied axis only.
Move To Path
Whether to automatically generate a curve from the GameObject's current position to the beginning of the path. True by default.
Look Ahead
How much of a percentage (from 0 to 1) to look ahead on a path to influence how strict Orient To Path is and how much the object will anticipate each curve.
A list of objects to draw a Catmull-Rom spline through for a curved animation path.
A list of positions to draw a Catmull-Rom through for a curved animation path. If Transform is defined, this value is added as a local offset.
Reverse the path so object moves from End to Start node.
Start Event
Event to send when the iTween starts.
Finish Event
Event to send when the iTween finishes.
Real Time
Setting this to true will allow the animation to continue independent of the current time which is helpful for animating menus after a game has been paused by setting Time.timeScale=0.
Stop On Exit
Stop the iTween if the current state is exited.
Loop Dont Finish
Sets whether a looping iTween should send the finish event.

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