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iTween Move Update

Similar to MoveTo but incredibly less expensive for usage inside the Update function or similar looping situations involving a 'live' set of changing values. Does not utilize an EaseType.

Game Object
The GameObject to tween.
Transform Position
Move From a transform rotation.
Vector Position
The position the GameObject will animate from. If transformPosition is set, this is used as an offset.
The time in seconds the animation will take to complete.
The coordinate space in which to operate.
Orient To Path
Whether or not the GameObject will orient to its direction of travel. False by default.
Look At Object
A target object the GameObject will look at.
Look At Vector
A target position the GameObject will look at.
Look Time
The time in seconds the object will take to look at either the Look At Target or Orient To Path. 0 by default
Restricts rotation to the supplied axis only.

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