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Pool Manager 2 Create Prefab Pool

Creates a new PrefabPool in this Pool and instances the requested number of instances (set by preloadAmount)

Pool Name
Pool Name. Creates a new PrefabPool in this Pool
Prefab to preload
Preload Amount
The number of instances to preload
Limit Instances
Limits the number of instances allowed in the game. Turning this ON means when 'Limit Amount' is hit, no more instances will be created.CALLS TO SpawnPool.Spawn() WILL BE IGNORED, and return null!
Limit Amount
This is the max number of instances allowed if 'limitInstances' is ON.
Cull Despawned
Turn this ON to activate the culling feature for this Pool. Use this feature to remove despawned (inactive) instances from the poolif the size of the pool grows too large. DO NOT USE THIS UNLESS YOU NEED TO MANAGE MEMORY ISSUES!
Cull Above
The number of TOTAL (spawned + despawned) instances to keep.
Cull Delay
The amount of time, in seconds, to wait before culling. This is timed from the moment when the Queue's TOTAL count (spawned + despawned) becomes greater than 'Cull Above'. Once triggered, the timer is repeated until the count falls below 'Cull Above'.
Success Event
Creation successful
Already Exists Event
For completness, trigger this event is the pool is already set with the 'prefab'.
Failure Event
Something went wrong
Preloaded Amount

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