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M2H Shooting Range

Shooting Range is a very simple game, which makes it a very good sample to study as you begin developing with playmaker.


You will need to download first the c# game examples

You can download the package here

Basically, it took me less than 30 minutes in total to port the scripted scene to Playmaker. The scene has no script and works with the standard set of actions shipped with playmaker, no custom actions created :)

While I create the explanations on each Fsm, please post on the playmaker forum if you have questions about this scene.



  • simple gameObject hit detection
  • simple management of sounds varieties
  • simple gameObject spawner for targets
  • simple exploding stack of cans
  • simple gui interface

Scene Set up:

The scene set up it very simple, with only one thing to note compared to the original scripted version.

I made a specific targets spawner prefab because I wanted to have a visual representation of the target traveling and not having to tell the spawner which direction to go. This allow for a much cleaner process to describe in Fsm. So basically as you drag a target spawner, you can either move its child target, or simply rotate it 180 degres to move left or right, the target itself will always look at the user.

Fsm descriptions:

We only have 3 Fsm in there. Each one is explained and detailed below ( listed by GameObjects followed by the fsm name):


Thanks to Mike Hergaarden (M2H), the one behind these great game samples.



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