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Vectrosity Custom Actions

"The best solution for drawing lines in Unity! Vectrosity has much more control and flexibility than the LineRenderer, and doesn't need Unity Pro. Draw all sorts of vectors, grids, graphs, and just plain lines, fast and easy."

You can find Vectrosity on the Unity Asset Store.


The latest version of Vectrosity are not supported unfortunatly. So this page can be considered obsolete.


Now, with these custom actions, you can control most aspect of Vectrosity with Playmaker:

Download package:

Vectrosity 3.1 ( Unity 4.3 only)



For previous versions of Vectrosity ( works with Unity 3.7)


Note: the ultimate goal is to cover the whole api. Meanwhile If you see anything missing, need a custom action not yet featured, or want to comment: use the playmaker forum, you can request new actions, participate, reports bugs or issues. 

Installation Instructions:

You must own a license of PlayMaker and have it installed on your project.

You must own a license of Vectrosity and have it installed on your project.

Then you can install the Vectrosity Actions and start using them.


Vectrosity is a very powerful system, and expose a highly flexible api when scripting. It makes it very difficult to implement as custom actions, because of the gui restrictions to define the interface for an action. So I had to make decisions...

so if you are used to Vectrosity and already using it, please read below the few important points to note before using this set of actions.

  1. Vector gameObjects are assigned a proxy when a vector is created, so that it can be referenced by this component, rather then the vector class itself ( which is not possible in Playmaker). the direct implication of this set up is that vectors created outside this set of actions do not have this proxy. In order to add this proxy, a static method is available to do so. simply call Vectrosity.AddProxy(YourVectorLine), and then you will be able to access that vector with this set of actions.
  2. Currently supports only VectorLines. Vectrosity can draw points too, but I will make this available at a later date ( please shout to get it done quicker :) )
  3. Currently supports only drawing in 2d. Vectrosity can draw in 3d directly, but I want first some feedback on the direction I tool regards implementing the api, then I will move onto the 3d drawings.
  4. Currently doesn't support multiple vectors per vectorLine. This is also something that can be done of course, but the actions interface would get too crowded.
  5. VectorLine flexibility constrained. I expose currently only a sub set of what vectorLine can do. More will come later.

Help and troubleshooting:

For any questions, please us as a first resort the forum

Custom Actions List:



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