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Input.touches Custom Actions

"Input.touches is a low cost, easy to use helper library for Unity3 touch (and mouse) input. Input.Touches uses event system to signal various input event. Letting you focus on dealing with your actual code instead of juggling with various input."

You can find Input.touches on the Unity Asset Store.

Now, with these custom actions, you can work with Input.touches from playmaker:

Download package for Input.Touches v1.2:



Note: the ultimate goal is to cover the whole api. Meanwhile If you see anything missing, need a custom action not yet featured, or want to comment: use the playmaker forum, you can request new actions, participate, reports bugs or issues. 

Installation Instructions:

You must own a license of PlayMaker and have it installed on your project.

You must own a license of Input.touches and have it installed on your project.

Then you can install these custom Actions and start using them.

Help and troubleshooting:

For any questions, please us as a first resort the forum

Setting up the scene:

Input.touches requires that you drop the "Gesture" prefab to be dropped in the scene hierarchy. To work with playmaker and these actions, you will also need to drop "PlayMakerInputTouchesProxy" prefab that is found in the "PlayMaker InputTouches" folder once you have installed this package.

"PlayMakerInputTouchesProxy" expose settings for you to decide which gesture or touch you want to implement and listen too. Simply check the ones you want to receive events from and the related global events will be fired.

Custom Actions List:

When events are fired, depending on the touch action, you can get related information, for example the position of a tap, or the percent of a charge gesture. As soon as you receive an event, use the appropriate action below to retrieve the informations related to that event.

Custom Global Events List:

 Note: the SWIPE UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT are specific to this bridge, it's goodies, it's not part of Input.Touches default events, lucky you, now you can have easily access to default swipe directions :)

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