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Let's you loop through the Players in the room. This action works only when you are in a room.

Include Self
Include the owner player in the list, else list only other players
Player List Index
The player index in the list. Do not rely on that, this can change anytime.
Player Name
The player name.
Player ID
Identifier of this player in current room.
Player Is Local
Only one player is controlled by each client. Others are not local.
Player Is Master Client
The player with the lowest actorID is the master and could be used for special tasks.
Custom Property Keys
Custom Properties you have assigned to this player.
Custom Properties Values

Values related to the properties

Not In Room Event
Event to send if we are not in a room. We can only get the list of players if we are in a room
Loop Event
Event to send to get the next player.
No Players Event
Event to send if there is no players at all
Finished Event
Event to send when there are no more players to loop.


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