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Let's you loop through the available Photon rooms. This action works only when you are in the Lobby, use PhotonNetworkGetRoomProperties when you are in a room

Room List Index
the room index in the list.
Room Name
the name of the room.
Player Count
the number of players in the room.
Max Players
The limit of players to this room. This property is shown in lobby, too. If the room is full (players count == maxplayers), joining this room will fail..
Defines if the room can be joined. If not open, the room is excluded from random matchmaking. This does not affect listing in a lobby but joining the room will fail if not open.
Defines if the room is listed in its lobby.
Custom Property Keys
Custom Properties you have assigned to this room.
Custom Properties Values

Values of each properties

Not In Lobby Event
Event to send if we are not in the lobby. We can only get the list of rooms if we are in the lobby
Loop Event
Event to send to get the next room.
No Rooms Event
Event to send if there is no rooms at all
Finished Event
Event to send when there are no more rooms to loop.


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