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Unity UI

Starting with Unity 4.6, a new built in UI is available. You can find the Unity documentation here.

PlayMaker Proxy

Unity UI support currently comes as a package featuring a proxy component to let you connect UI and PlayMaker together. You can download the current package below:

Warning: For Unity 5 Update of existing project: BACKUP YOUR PROJECT FIRST

Existing projects coming from Unity 4 may have issues with duplicate scripts in the folder "PlayMaker Utils". Simply delete that PlayMaker Utils" and import again.


You can get all of this content directly in Unity, using the Ecosystem Browser. Simply search for "uGui" and /or filter by "packages"



All the Samples are also accessible on the Ecosystem Browser, simply search for "ugui" and/or filter by "samples"


Watch this youtube video to learn how to use this proxy.


Make use of the PlayMaker forum to ask questions, make comments, suggestions and share your knowledge.


Scene Set up

  1. Drop the "PlayMaker UGUI" prefab in your scene
  2. Attach the component "PlayMaker UGui Component Proxy" to a UI GameObject.
  3. Use either "Send Fsm Event" or "Set Fsm Variable."
  4. Make use of the predefined UGUI/ XXX global events or use your own events.
  5. You can directly set FSM variables as well (for sliders for example)



These packages are proudly automated using uTomate


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