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Get Animator IK Goal

Gets the position, rotation and weights of an IK goal. A GameObject can be set to use for the position and rotation

Game Object
The target. An Animator component is required
IK Goal
The IK goal
The gameObject to apply ik goal position and rotation to
Gets The position of the ik goal. If Goal GameObject define, position is used as an offset from Goal
Gets The rotation of the ik goal.If Goal GameObject define, rotation is used as an offset from Goal
Position Weight
Gets The translative weight of an IK goal (0 = at the original animation before IK, 1 = at the goal)
Rotation Weight
Gets the rotational weight of an IK goal (0 = rotation before IK, 1 = rotation at the IK goal)
Every Frame
Repeat every frame.
Every Frame Option
Select when to perform the action, during OnUpdate, OnAnimatorMove, OnAnimatorIK


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