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Adding an FSM to a Game Object

First select a GameObject in the Scene, Hierarchy, or Project view:


Graph View Context Menu

Right-click in the Graph View:

  • Add FSM: Add a new PlayMakerFSM component to the GameObject.
  • Paste FSM: Paste a previously copied FSM or States.
  • Paste Template: Paste a saved Template as a new FSM. Changes to the Template do NOT affect the FSM.
  • Use Template: Add a PlayMakerFSM component that uses a saved Template. Changes to the Template WILL affect the FSM.


Selection Toolbar

Add a new FSM using the Selection Toolbar:

NOTE: This is a good way to add another FSM to a GameObject that already has an FSM.



Add a PlayMakerFSM component using menus:

  • Main Menu > PlayMaker > Components > Add FSM to Selected Objects
  • Main Menu > Component > PlayMaker > PlayMakerFSM


Drag and Drop

NEW In 1.8 you can Drag a GameObject onto the canvas to add an FSM:


NOTE: FSM is shorthand for a PlayMakerFSM component. So you can also add an FSM using any Unity method to add components.




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